4 Steps to Washing Mindfully

Washing Mindfully

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The laundry game has seriously evolved in recent years.  The technology is improving, and the way people are beginning to view this humdrum chore is especially interesting!

Since 2020, the HeadSpace app has seen users of cleaning-related content increase more than 20%.  Which means, people are using their weekly (or let's face it, daily) laundry time as an opportunity to meditate.  Scientific studies have even investigated how chores like dishes and laundry can yield a state of calmness and attentional awareness (turns out, they can!).  

You're not alone if you're open to anything that would spice-up this never-ending task.  Rethinking sustainable ways to work smarter, not harder in the laundry room is a great place to start.  Here are 4 ways you can transform your laundry game: 

01 | Only wash as needed

If you only wore your hybrid bra (or any garment) for a bit and didn't break a sweat, it's likely still fresh and good-to-go for next time.  When it's ready for a cleaning, either hand wash or machine wash on cold and line dry for best results (no bleach). 

02 | Use a microfiber filter

Our favorites are Cora Ball, GuppyFriend, and Filtrol 160.  Microfiber filters are somewhat analogous to the lint traps in your dryer.  You know each time you finish drying a load of laundry, you can pull that tray out and roll-up all of the lint that got caught?  A microfiber filter works similarly, except you put in in the washing machine instead to trap microfibers.   

When you wash synthetic textiles (think stretchy fabrics), tiny microfibers shed and release primary microplastics into the water.  In 2011, scientists in California discovered these microplastics were entering our oceans and contaminating our marine environments and food chains.  By using a microfiber filter (and/or gently hand-washing), you can reduce microfiber pollution as textile and wastewater industries work towards stronger systemic change. 

Microfiber Filters

03 | Wash with COLD water 

A washing machine uses 90% of energy to heat water. By using cold water, and even skipping the dryer, you dramatically save energy and eliminate hundreds of pounds of greenhouse gases (GHGs) from entering the atmosphere each year.

Biodegradable and/or unscented detergents are another great option.  Some of the time, adding fragrances into personal products also means adding chemicals.  Opting for an eco, fragrance-free detergent is typically a quick way to rule out common chemicals and save you time while you're browsing the aisles and labels.  

04 | Line-dry or tumble-dry on low

Line drying is a great route, especially for delicates.  However, if don't have time to line dry, tumble dry on low whenever possible.  Heat simply breaks down fibers faster.  Your hybrid bras (and your other garments) will remain durable and last longer with less exposure to high dryer temperatures.  And durability is the name of the game.

Do you have mindful laundry practices of your own?  Favorite detergents or high-efficiency machines?  Let us know!  We'd be happy to share additional care tips for your hybrid bras, too.  Happy washing.


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