4Rs of Radical Recyclability


4 Rs of Radical Recyclability

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It is staggering that nearly 87% of material used for clothing production is still landfilled or incinerated after its final use.  While strong systemic change is necessary at the business level, there are empowering steps you can take at home to be a part of the transformation.

Next time you are about to say farewell to your hybrid bra (or any garment), think "4Rs" and ask yourself: 

01 | Repair 

First, is it really over?  Can you repair it with a basic sewing kit or machine?

02 | Reclaim

Can the company you bought it from reclaim it?  SOL VAE does not yet have a reclaim program, but there are some companies that can put their used products back into production.  It's worth checking. 

03 | Resell

Is there resell value?  Facebook Marketplace, ThredUp, GearUp, Poshmark, and others are convenient solutions to resell your hybrid bras and make a few extra bucks.  While creating your resell post, we recommend visiting our product pages and copy/pasting the descriptions. 

04 | Recycle

Finally, recycle responsibly.  You can do so here with our partners, The Bra Recyclers.  This social enterprise furthers the circular economy by extending the life of preloved bras. Since 2008, it has donated more than 4 million bras to over 100 non-profits supporting women and girls. They also have extensive resources to ensure well-worn bras are recycled responsibly.  
There is one more option: Disassemble.  The fabric we use is perfect for exercise headbands.  If you YouTube search "DIY workout headbands", a variety of videos will walk you through sewing a standard or crossover style.
We love all of the ways recycling itself is evolving.  Yet, it is equally critical to remember the purchasing power you have—upfront.  Shop for durability and go for the highest quality items that fit in your budget.  You will not only extend your use lifetime, but also fundamentally decrease the recycling turnover rate. 
Have you had success with any of the Rs above?  Let us know.  We love hearing and sharing your recycling tips.  
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