VIDEO: Pilates 10-Minute Full Body Routine

Author: Bridget Thorpe
Reading Time: 1 minute, 30 seconds
Workout Video Time: 10 minutes

We were so honored to collaborate with our friends at True II Form to bring you this fresh, custom workout!  I personally grew-up with Kyle on Kauai.  We took dance together in high school, and she moved on get her Masters in Dance Education.  

Between her and her business partner Val, there is well over 1,000 hours of Pilates certification hours, multiple degrees, anatomy/nutrition certificates, studio management, and long list of stunning credentials.  You'll be hard-pressed to find a more competent duo to lead your Pilates journey.  And for only $25/month, access to 150+ ever-changing workouts is a no brainer!  

A few days before recording this workout, Kyle and I went paddle boarding and dove into some real talk.  Over the past few years, I've been exploring why and how I exercise.  I reached a point where exhausting myself in a 60-minute period 3x a week wasn't working anymore.  I left workouts feeling drained rather than energized.  And it made me question: why am I showing up to class in the first place?    

For me, True II Form has been the perfect space to focus on consistency rather than intensity.  Not to say their library is short of intense workouts!  It's full of good burners. Yet, I deeply appreciate the range of classes that allow me to feel good and invest in my well-being.  

We hope you LOVE this 10-minute full body workout.  My legs were on fire🔥🔥  And if you'd like access to their full library of 150+ ever-changing workouts, you can start a free 5-day trial here

P.S. - you'll notice our signature styles are featured in the video!  Shop the black Hybrid Crossback or the blue Hybrid Scoop, and please let us know if we can support you in any way.  


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