PODCAST: Sustainability + Entrepreneurship with The Millennial PhD


Author: Bridget Thorpe
Reading Time: 30 seconds
Watch or Listen Time: 37 minutes

We were completely honored to recently join Dr. Carmela Muzio Dormani (aka Mela) on The Millennial PhD.  

Her podcast explores art, creativity, and radical humanity in motion.  It features interviews with artists, creative entrepreneurs, phds, and career pivoters, where she asks: What does creative survival look and feel like at work and beyond?

In this episode, we dove into SOL VAE's story and journey to becoming a credible, sustainable brand.  Tune in for all the juicy details—as well as actionable tips on how to infuse sustainability into your own venture.  Enjoy 🎧

We pour our hearts into our environmental responsibility practice.  Take a look at all the ways we are working to provide you with the honest sustainability transparency and progress you deserve. 


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