What Affects Hybrid Bra Fit + Support?

Common Fit Questions

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It is easy to get fixed on the letters and numbers on a label.  However, there is a whole world of design beyond the alpha size chart that can better inform our purchasing decisions.  Here are some common questions we're asked: 

What Affects Support?

Racerbacks tend to be a gold standard of sports bra designand for good reason!  They offer a lot of support for high impact activities, while simultaneously allowing for maximum movement. 

U-backs are excellent at distributing weight for lighter activities, easy to take on/off, and can even be great for everyday wear. 

Coverage across the bust and at the sides is also important.  The higher the coverage, the more protection you’ll have from vertical bounce and oscillating motion.  That is why we take the side of the hybrid bra so seriously at SOL VAEsolid side coverage is key to keeping everything in place.  

Why Does Impact Level Matter?

Best practice is to choose (or have a separate) a hybrid bra for each impact level.  Low impact activities, such as yoga or hiking, may only require light support.  High impact exercise, however, demands a greater force on the body.  A more supportive hybrid bra is required for high impact activities, such as running or aerobics, to protect your Coopers ligaments and minimize movement.  

How Should it Feel?

A snug feel with one finger under the band is a good rule of thumb.  Try putting your hands in the air above your head; does the bottom band mostly stay in place or does it ride up your torso?  You also should not be able to pull the shoulder straps up too high towards your ears.  Our hybrid bras have a compression fit.  A snug feel will be a good sign you're getting the support you need.   

Should I go up or down a size?

This is a fantastic question, as sometimes it's opposite of what you may think!  The good news is there are some telling signs to look for.  

Size up if:

  • Band feels too tight

  • Band leaves a mark on your skin

  • Bust is uncomfortably spilling out

  • Straps are digging in or leaving a mark

Size down if:
  • Band easily rides up when arms lift

  • Bust fabric has gaps or wrinkles

  • Straps can easily be lifted up to ears

  • Straps can easily slip around/off shoulder

If you are trying to determine which SOL VAE size makes the most sense for you, take a look at our size charts.  We have a great measurement video guide, as well as a 

printable measuring tape

.  We also align our sizing to sports bras you may already have in your closet.  We feel good when you feel good!


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