What is Circularity?


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Circularity is the heartbeat of our environmental responsibility ambitions and practice.  Here's why...

It was shocking to us to realize the way we make, buy, and use activewear today is still rooted in a linear manufacturing system developed during the Industrial Revolution in the 1700s. In this linear approach, resources are taken, to make things, that inevitably produce waste when disposed of. 
This take-make-waste model was historically transformative to boost the quality of living.  But today, 300 years later, it’s not working anymore. At SOL VAE, we wholeheartedly agree it is time to transform again.  Enter, circularity. 

Circularity entails:
01 | Designing-out waste and pollution
02 | Keeping materials in use
03 | Regenerating natural systems

It is an accelerating approach where things (in our case, hybrid bras) are intelligently designed, made, and regenerated while considering the boundaries of the earth’s resources. 
In other words, thinking circularly means to think like Mother Nature.  Consider a tree.  What happens when a leaf falls off?  It falls to the ground, decomposes, and inherently fertilizes the soil to nurture future growth.   
Understanding circularity is a fantastic first step to deepening your sustainability radar.  Beyond that, begin taking a deeper look at the companies you commonly purchase items from.  Do they mention circular practices or goals on their responsibility pages?  And if so, do they look legit or are they simply dropping buzzwords?   

We trust and credit the Ellen MacArthur Foundation with circularity research and terminology.  It is a gold-standard resource if you'd like to learn more and take advantage of their amazing content.

Our team is a big fan of working smarter, not harder—which is what a circular economy is all about.  By rethinking the linear approach, economies worldwide have the incredible potential to reduce waste, eliminate marine plastic, decrease greenhouse gas emissions, shift energy to renewable sources, and help people everywhere simplify with less unwanted items. 

Take a look at all of the ways we are working to be more circular at SOL VAE, as well as our future-forward goals and initiatives.  
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