Marketing Manifesto

01 | We believe in authentic photography

We never edit or Photoshop a human body. Beauty is in authenticity, and we’ve stayed true to that motto since day one. We do add light to our photos sometimes or increase the vibrancy. Sometimes the lighting is off when we shoot, and these simple techniques work to showcase our sports bras and our artistic style consistently. You may also notice colored filters on our site - we use those to enhance readability.

02 | We work to support increasingly humane technology

We dedicate any digital advertising funds we have to individuals and influencers on popular social media platforms. We currently do not pay large tech companies directly for advertising (Google, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). We believe in the value of these platforms and the phenomenal information, connectivity, and community they provide. However, the safeguards and regulations on their advertising models are not yet at a level that we feel aligned with.

03 | We use credible and science-based resources

We treat our digital channels with the spirit of a college paper or journal article. We use credible resources, do our best to check the facts, and aim to talk to you as the intelligent person you are. A lot of the material on our channels is rooted in research from The Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UN SDGs, OEKO-TEX, 501c3 Fashion Revolution, as well as real-life professional sustainability and manufacturing experience. If you have a question, please contact us so we have the opportunity to improve.

04 | We honor our prices

We work hard to provide you with a quality product. And we don’t use (or have) a sizeable advertising budget. Standing our ground on pricing is how we provide you with quality and account for the true cost of production—including environmental and social impact. We share special promotions from time-to-time with our subscribers and loyal customers.  

Legal Resources

We take privacy, accessibility, and online communications/interactions seriously. Continuous efforts are dedicated to improving these aspects of our digital platforms. For detail, please explore our legal pages and guides below:

Opt-Out Guide

Privacy Policy

Terms of Use