Core Styles, Core Values

Hybrid Scoop

Lower impact
All-day comfort
Everyday, versatile wear

Hybrid Crossback

Higher impact
Challenging workouts
Maximum, all-terrain movement

Hybrid Sports Bra Architecture

sol vae hybrid bra hybrid architecture of sports bra and swimsuit combined

Supply Chain Traceability

We're passionate about finding innovative, sustainable, and thoughtful materials that perform. Here is a snapshot of where we currently source our materials and more.


Elastic + Rubber
Brand Label
Care Label
Design + Main Office


Prior to launching, SOL VAE's founder worked with F500 corporations across 4 continents to advance their sustainability initiatives. So from day one, climate action has been embedded into our core.

Our responsibility practice begins with two pillars: (1) Environmental (2) Social. Then, we look deeper at our carbon footprint, material tracing, and goals ahead.


To us, thoughtful is knowing little things add up and become big things. We have a defined process to keep us accountable and ensure our hybrid bras feel good.


Communication matters. We support authentic photography, humane technology, science-based resources, and honoring our prices.


Care + Recycling Guide

How to Wash Mindfully

Reduce emissions, decrease microfiber pollution, and extend the life of your hybrid bra with 4 easy steps...

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How to Recycle Responsibly

Start with the mailer packaging—it's printed with algae ink and is 100% curbside recyclable or compostable.

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