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II Pillars

Our environmental and social pillars are designed to reinforce our commitments and provide you with transparency. We currently have 6 environmental and 4 social focal points.

environmental practice
Sol Vae Social Responsibility ESG Practice

Carbon Footprint

Bottom line: we generate emissions. So, we seek to take responsibility for what we create and address what we currently can't avoid. We track our carbon activity (similar to how we track our finances) and use measurement tools aligned with the WRI/WBCSD Greenhouse Gas Protocol to estimate our operational and supply chain emissions.

Scope 1 and 2 impact for Sol Vae responsibility

Scope 1 + 2

This category includes our estimates of direct fuel and electricity use. It currently accounts for 2.9% of our footprint.

Scope 3 impact for Sol Vae sustainability

Scope 3

This category includes all other indirect emissions we track and estimate via: materials, manufacturing, travel, freight, and waste. It currently accounts for 97.1% of our footprint.

Carbon Offset Practice

Offset Personal Footprint

Online Order Shipping Emissions

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Ever read labels or ingredient lists? Us, too! We're passionate about finding innovative, sustainable, and versatile materials that perform. We also continually explore ways to reduce carbon emissions associated with transportation logistics. Below is a snapshot of where we currently source our materials and more. Some deeper detail may be found here on the Open Apparel Registry.

Sol Vae Supply Chain Responsibility Traceability of Materials Map of World


Elastic + Rubber
Brand Label
Care Label
Packaging Mailer
Design + Main Office



sol vae hybrid bra USA manufacturing factory

USA | Manufacturing

Our styles are proudly developed, cut, and sewn in a transparent factory we love visiting in Baltimore, USA—founded in 1976. They pay living wages and utilize modern fabric cutters that minimize waste. They've manufactured for Nike, Victoria's Secret, Under Armour, and countless more.

Responsible Hybrid Bra Design Founder Bridget Thorpe

Hawaii | Design + Office

We're located in our Hawaii hometown. Our lead pattern-maker (in Baltimore) has collaborated with Coach, Lululemon, Adidas and many more for trusted results. We use quality techniques and raw materials that last and support durable, versatile athletics and activities.

Goals + Initiatives

Our goals themselves have room to improve. We do not currently have concrete metrics, nor comprehensive reporting or timetables. Yet, we are experienced at aligning with leading industry frameworks—such as the UN SDGs—and look forward to all the places we'll responsibly grow together.

SDG Sustainable Development Goals UN Sol Vae Responsibility Sustainability Practice
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